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Lush - Sexy Psychedelica

The perfect combination of psychedelic and entactogenic effects, Lush will open the doors of perception to awesome visuals and sweet vibrations throughout the experience.

Lush is also famously known for producing erotic vibes along with a pleasantly soothing body high, a sensation commonly described as feeling warm and tingly or as some might say, ORGASMIC.


Enhanced creativity and visuals, aphrodisiacal, increased sociability and music appreciation, soothing body high.


The effects are enhanced when experienced with a positive mood, good music and a comfortable environment.


½ pellet
1 pellet
1½ - 2 pellets


Onset: 30 - 60 minutes
Peak: 3 - 5 hours
Duration: 6 - 12 hours


2C-B-FLY (10mg per pellet)


Not intended for human consumption. Not recommended for use under 18. If pregnant, nursing or taking a prescription drug, consult your health care professional. Do not exceed recommended dose. Consumption may impair ability to drive or operate heavy equipment. Not recommended for consumption with alcoholic beverages. Do not take together with antidepressant medication. Do not use when you have a history of psychosis. Health Disclaimer
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Customers Reviews LUSH - SEXY PSYCHEDELICA Share your experience


I was taken by surprise... I had something resembling an acid trip, which I wasn't expecting at all. But then I started seeing scars all over my body, I was floating between night and day. Anyway, everybody is bound to have their own reaction, mine was certainly not well-being and euphoria, but it was definitely interesting and powerful, not at all a bad trip. My buddy hardly had a reaction at all, no visions or anything. Definitely try it out!


This thing is a nuclear bomb in pill form! Kind of like a cross between the loftiness of MDMA and LSD/shroom visuals ... You just have to let yourself slide into it gently: the peak happens around the first 90-minute mark, give or take (so wait before you double down!) So a warning for the novices: this is not to be taken lightly! For a good trip = one 12 mg pill. Go further with 1.5 pills, e.g. 18 mg.
It's already pretty strong and you're off for a solid 8 hours...
So there you go, have a good trip! And thanks to Shayana!

Dont joke with these, they take a while to get up. I took one and waited, waited again and again for 2hours, there was no effect at all. From disappointment I took the 2nd pill hoping to have a threshold of something.... There was my huge mistake : 1 Hour after the 2nd pill (Approx 3h from the first take), I started to feel the effects of the first. Really potent, really what you'd expect. Then the 2nd added its effects and it was too much for me, EVEN if I am some exprienced with various psyche's. So I ended lying on my bed, staring at the morphing/breathing ceiling as I tripped for at least the whole night.
I would categorize LUSH between Acid and Mesca. Don't outsmart it, be wise, really WAIT for it before taking another one, have fun :)


My girlfriends thought this would be fun when we went out, the opposite turned out to be true. You just need to be together in a familiar environment.
And then it's just fantastic, unbelievable what a little thing like this can do to you...

Took 1 tab of shayana bombastic acid, and one pill of nexus, and had great visuals for 6 hours before i decided to go to sleep. Fast shippment :)


I have just taken 2CBFLY for my first time. Took 15 mg (a pill and a half). I weight 92 kilograms.
It was totally great... I had a long, very long (several hours) plateau-high soft and very pleasant high. I had a moment (seemed brief, but I cannot really tell) of colorful visuals (a "new" to me). The rest was an uninhibited pleasure plateau with lots and lots of erotic dreams (all of them at once I would say).. and all of them kind of clean, nice, kind of "quiet and odorless" and totally uninhibited. Very interesting feeling.
Well.. really great and pleasant.

It was great! I hope that I will get another chance to try this again. The shipment was also very fast and safe. 10/10

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