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Magic Truffle Grinder

Magic Truffle Grinder
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If you have tried Magic truffles before, you already know that chewing them can be challenging. Most people don’t like the taste of magic truffles and would prefer an easier way to consume them. Better yet, the active ingredient (psilocybin) will absorb faster in the bloodstream, so the effects can come sooner!

This 2-piece grinder finely grinds the truffles into a paste and makes it easier for you to eat them or make a magical tea. Simply add your magic truffles to the truffle grinder, cover with the lid, and twist! The longer you grind, the truffles will turn into a paste texture similar to peanut butter.

• Makes a paste from your Magic Truffles
• Also suitable for grinding shrooms
• Active substance is preserved and absorbed faster
• Portable and easy to carry around

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