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Kanna Extract Ub40 - Vaping Extract

Kanna Extract Ub40 - Vaping Extract
1 gram
Price € 19,95
UB40: Premium Kanna Extract for Vaporizing

Introducing Kanna UB40 extract, skillfully prepared for a top-notch vaporizing experience.

Kanna, or Sceletium tortuosum, originates from South Africa and is highly regarded for its calming effects. For centuries, indigenous tribes have used Kanna for its ability to improve mood and mental focus, enjoying it in various forms such as chewed, snuffed, or simply for relaxation.

Mood Enhancement and Calmness: Kanna UB40 extract is noted for its mood-boosting and calming properties, making it a great option for those seeking a natural way to alleviate stress and enhance emotional health.

Perfect for Vaporizing: The UB40 extract is designed with a coarser grind than other Kanna extracts, making it ideal for use with dry herb vaporizers. This ensures efficient use without the hassle of fine particles.

Fast-Acting Effects: The active ingredients in Kanna UB40 extract are quickly absorbed when vaporized, typically bringing about effects in just a few minutes. This fast-acting feature is perfect for those needing swift relief.

Authentic and Traditional: By leveraging the traditional use of Kanna by South African tribes, this extract provides a genuine, natural option for mood improvement and mental clarity without synthetic ingredients.


Kanna UB40 extract combines traditional Kanna advantages with modern vaporizing technology, presenting a distinct, natural, and effective method for relaxation and mood enhancement.


Specifically tailored for vaporization, the Kanna UB40 extract sets itself apart from standard Kanna powders with its coarser texture, ensuring a perfect fit for any dry herb vaporizer. This leads to a smooth and pleasurable vaping session without the trouble of tiny particles bypassing filters.


Vaporizing Kanna UB40 extract results in a quick uptake of its benefits, usually within 4 to 5 minutes. Although the duration can vary, it is typically shorter than other consumption methods, with the option to prolong the experience by taking more puffs as needed.


Contains 1 gram of Kanna UB40 extract.

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