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Kanna Extract Et2 - High Potency

Kanna Extract Et2 - High Potency
1 gram
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Kanna Extract ET2 - A High-Potency Option for Experienced Enthusiasts

The South African plant Kanna has been utilized for its mood-lifting and calming benefits for more than three centuries. The ET2 Kanna extract stands out as the most concentrated form, delivering rapid and potent effects, particularly when taken as snuff, providing feelings of relaxation and euphoria.


Mood Enhancement: Experience a boost in spirits and calmness with Kanna's natural ability to elevate mood.

Stress Relief: Tackle daily pressures with ease and find moments of tranquility and calm.

Enhanced Focus: Notice improvements in attention and mental clarity, aiding in your productivity and creative processes.


Kanna, known scientifically as Sceletium Tortuosum, originates from South Africa and has a long history of recreational use among local tribes. It is consumable in various forms, including capsules, vaporizing, and incorporation into food, though historically, it has been most commonly used as snuff or chew. The ET2 extract, due to its high concentration, is particularly suitable for those who have previous experience with Kanna, offering benefits like relaxation, joy, mental clarity, and enhanced focus.


Given its potent nature, only small doses of the ET2 extract are necessary. Newcomers are advised to begin with 15-20mg, and those looking for more intense effects may consider doses of 40-50mg. As a snuff, the effects can be felt within 3 minutes and typically last around 30 minutes; when brewed as tea, the onset is more gradual, but the effects can extend up to two hours. For an optimal experience, it's recommended to start with a minimal dose and adjust as needed based on personal comfort and response.


Contains 1 gram of Kanna ET2 extract.

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